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Owners: Kris & Rhonda Mayerle

Kris Mayerle is a third generation pedigreed seed grower and, with his wife Rhonda & the continued seasonal help of his father Erwin, owns and operates Greenleaf Seeds Ltd., a pedigreed seed farm and processing plant, at Tisdale, SK. Greenleaf Seeds Ltd. a 21,000 acre farm growing wheat, canola, oats, barley, peas, fababeans, hemp and flax, with roughly a third in seed production.


Kris and Rhonda also operate a custom farming business that operates throughout the United States and Western Canada (Saskatchewan). They have been in operation for 20+ years.


Kris is currently on the Board of Directors of Canterra Seeds Ltd. and the Northeast Agriculture Research Foundation (NARF).


He previously served on the Board of the Association of Canadian Custom Harvesters 

and of the Saskatchewan Canola Growers.


Country Guide: 

Farming. It’s more than a job

Human Resources: When a young employee left their farm to look for a job that could become a career, Kris Mayerle asked, ‘Why can’t that be here?’

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