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Hemp – Seed Production, Production, Harvesting, Agronomy Services

GreenLeaf Seeds Ltd. and KRM Farms Ltd. have been growing and producing high yielding hemp seed and crops for more than seven years.

Contact us if you want to discuss hemp seed production, hemp production for CBD or fibre.


We also have experience custom hemp harvesting and hemp agronomy services.


Fertilizer SpreadinG


GreenLeaf Seeds markets and applies the unique and sustainable elemental sulfur product Bio-Sul Premium Plus on behalf of Aberhart Ag Solutions.


We have specialized application equipment.


Ask about the results we are seeing on our KRM Farms crops.

Custom Farming Services


T&M Custom Ag Ltd.

Custom Harvesting

  • Harvest - we have been specializing in custom harvesting for over 25 years in the U.S. Midwest and Saskatchewan, Canada

  • We provide a full-service harvest business services - including trucks and staff

Custom Farming 

  • Seeding 

  • Spraying

  • Trucking

Contact us for more information

Office: 1-306-873-4261 or cell 306-873-7301


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